Construction management and real estate development Part I,II

Автор: Graboviy P.G.
Доступность: В наличии
ISBN: 978-91-982223-8-8
Год издания: 2020

  • 4 000.00 р.

The textbook "Construction management and real estate development" is devoted to the problems of modern efficient and harmonious real estate management based on the life cycles of buildings and on the use a two-pronged scientific and practical concept, both management and development in the investment and construction sector.

The book shows the significant role of construction as a branch of material production in the national economy. This one presents modern relations between participants of investment and construction process as well as methods of construction management, pricing, conducting of tenders and contracts for the implementation of investment construction projects.

The issues presented in the first part such as construction control, acceptance, enter the completed real estate, fixed assets, infrastructure objects and modeling of construction production and construction management were described very well. The second part describes the problem of the foundations of real estate development.

The issues of investment resources and information technologies in construction, environmental expertise and protection of environment and organization of a recreational cluster with regard to timely control of changes are in the sphere of constant attention and control of specialists.

The questions of the construction management for erection of unique objects, "green" and low-rise cottage construction, as well as topics presented in the textbook of modern directions of improvement of the construction management based on an innovative platform are widely demanded in practice.

Systematic application of the author's organizational and development approach in relation to the structure of the educational material allows forming modern professional competences focused on complex and multilateral perception of construction management and real estate problems linked with life cycle of reproduction of various estate objects.

The textbook is intended for managers and specialists of firms, companies and enterprises, as well as for researchers, postgraduates and students interested in and studying practical issues of modern construction management and real estate development.