Conversations about the Structural Mechanics

Автор: Perelmuter Anatoly
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ISBN: 978-91-982223-6-4
Кол-во страниц: 314
Год издания: 2019

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The book discusses some topics of modern structural mechanics, which, as experience shows, are not sufficiently studied at the universities. It has been written to provide an in-depth presentation of the fundamentals of the methods used in the design software, with a focus on analyzing basic assumptions and explaining the physical meaning of computational operations.

This book is not intended for students who have just begun to study structural mechanics; it is aimed at structural engineers who want to further enhance their theoretical training. It can also be recommended to graduate and post-graduate students of construction universities.


Anatoly V. Pereimuter
Doctor of sciences (Engineering), Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, chief research worker of Information Company SCAD Soft Ltd,
Sphere of scientific interests: nonlinear problems in structural mechanics, theory of equilibrium stability, problemsof safety and reliability of structural constructions, reliability and safety, methodology of computer-aided design.


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Conversations about the Structural Mechanics (Swedish Edition)